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“Dövlət idarəçiliyi: nəzəriyyə və təcrübə” jurnalı

Journal “Public Administration: Theory and Practice”


2020 – 1 (69) 2020 – 2 (70) 


The Academy has been publishing a research journal, “Public Administration: Theory and Practice” since 2003.  The journal publishes research papers on various issues of public administration, a brief chronicle of president Ilham Aliyev activities, receptions, visits, speeches, and interviews. It accepts submissions of papers from state and government officials, faculty members of the Academy, young scientists, doctoral students, and foreign ambassadors.

It was officially registered by the expert council of the department of social sciences of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and included in the list of scientific publications. 

The chairman of the journal’s editorial board is the head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Samir Nuriyev. The editor is academician Urkhan Alakbarov.

The journal covers “Civil Service”, “Sustainable Development”, “Politics”, “International Cooperation”, “Law”, “Philosophy”, “History”, “Economic Security”, “Diplomatic Corps”, “Human Potential”, “Human Rights”,” Civil Society “,”Regions”,” Ideology “,” Ecology “,” Geopolitics “,” Science and Education”,”Young Researchers “sections. The Journal “Public Administration: Theory and Practice” has applied for an International Standard Serial Number (Paris, France) for an International Standard Identification Number in order to ensure and protect intellectual property rights at the international level. “Public Administration: Theory and Practice” is included in the International Centre for the Registration of the Serial Publications under the international Centre for the Serial Number 2309-1347 and published with a circulation of 1,050 copies and is distributed among state bodies, committees, and ministries, as well as the teaching staff of the Academy, Ph.D. students based on a subscription agreement. It comes out four times a year (quarterly); 70 issues of this collection have been published so far.