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Academy of Public Administration under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Trade Union Committee

The Trade Union Committee of the Academy of Public Administration under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan plays an important role in the development of education, training and education, social and cultural spheres in academy.

In 1999, when the Academy of Public Administration under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan started its activity in a new status, The Trade Union Committee, as separate units, mobilized all its power in the direction of adaptation of the Academy to the requirements of the modernization. In the modern period, the activity of the APA Trade Union Committee is mainly carried out in 3 directions.

Constitution Of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Trade Unions, The Charter of the Republican Committee of Trade Union of State Departments and Public Service Workers, regulation of APA on TUC and other legislative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan related to the activities of trade unions regulates activity of committee.

The Academy, which is the only scientific – research and education center in the field of Public Administration in our republic, has carried out practical works in the direction of training specialists who can manage the state structures consisting of young people with modern thinking at the level of requirements of the time, increasing the qualifications of existing personnel and civil servants, gained a number of success, has made significant progress in the direction of recognition in the international arena.

Strengthening labor and educational discipline. The Trade Union Committee constantly monitors the strengthening of teaching and labor discipline, observes labor discipline by teachers, employees and educators.

Organization of cultural-mass works. In this direction, the Trade Union Committee carries out the celebration of many significant days, anniversaries of the members, and provides them with care and attention.

Protection of health of academy staff and organization of rest.  The Trade Union Committee allocates annual visits to national important sanatoriums and rest houses  for the effective organization of the rest of the employees of the APA.

APA Trade Union Committee established for the protection of labor, social rights and legal interests of employees working at the academy successfully continues its activities in the following directions since its establishment.

Providing financial aid to employees

APA TUC provides one-time aid to employees, teachers and students in cases of necessity.

Organization of cultural-mass events and provision of participation

The Trade Union Committee of the APA takes an active part in the organization of events held at the academy and national level, sports and knowledge competitions, scientific conferences and other cultural and mass events, organizes events for the purpose of comprehensive development of young people, revealing their potential, training and formation in the spirit of military-patriotism, loyalty to the motherland and nation.

Naturally, it is necessary to do a lot in the direction of increasing the role of trade unions to increase the activity of young people in the society. In every society, young people have been the driving force. In order to effectively use this power, special programs should be developed and implemented. The implementation of these measures in accordance with the annual work plan was set as a target.

The organization of intellectual competitions among students, efficient organization of leisure time, organization of sports competitions, excursions is one of the factors providing activity.


Experience shows that it is these events that lead young people to become members of trade organizations and increase their ranks.


APA TUC provides the Academy staff with various concerts and theater performances, as well as participation of children of APA employees in events on the occasion of holidays.